Our High Density Is One Of THE BEST There Is

Here at the the guy we take pride in our turf service offering one of the largest ranges of quality turf on the market at competitive prices, we are able to excavate Your land to remove all the un wanted nasties that lay underneath your old garden area in order to make way for your new installation of our quality product this is to insure that you will have the absolute minimal regrowth of unwanted foliage you did not pay for coming through destroying your newly laid turf.

We also have a huge range of quality synthetic turf (not the cheap stuff that deteriorates in a year)

We will not cut corners when laying your turf as we take a lot of pride in our work. There is a certain process to follow in order to gain the most usage  out of your turfs whether it be real or synthetic.

Our landscapers  across Brisbane are qualified to install your grasses  . They will work with you to identify your exact needs and to arrange supply and installation.

Here at the guy  we take pride in fulfilling our customers  every step of the way – from installing artificial grass and real grass to suit individual needs, through to ensuring projects (including construction, installation and maintenance) are completed with no fuss.

Our turf scaping expert have the  ability to ensure that your project is completed to the highest of standards.  We take pride in what we do and have the belief that every job we commit to will be done in the manner as if we were laying turf and installing the lawn in our own personal back yards

.Prior to installation, one of our team will visit your site ensuring that all the necessary components of your site have been quoted for, including the correct amount of soil (recommended 100mm) what type of soil should be used ; help with the correct selection of grass for your site so as to gain its maximum potential and flourishment upon the grounds to be laid.

It is advisable to have some sort of  Maintenance program in place once we have installed your turf  that will involve the client watering and fertilising the newly laid lawn for several weeks after installation, alternatively we recommend a self watering system for your lawns/grasses to be put in place with electronic timers and dampness recognition for optimum grass health and growth.

We hold no reserve when it comes to our team following  the correct procedure when installing your product and we are prepared to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the job weather it be a synthetic or real turf we aim to please .

Our High Density Is One Of THE BEST There Is

The High Density Range is a market leader when it comes to all round performance and durability,It’s commercial latex backing is the thickest on the market and gives it the NON SAND INFILL stamp of approval from many pet motels and dog owners.The olive colour green fibres which are 40mm in height, contrast perfectly with the beige 25mm height fibres. This difference in colour is what gives this turf the ultimate “real grass” look. The variance in fibre lengths allow the shorter fibres to support the longer fibres enabling the turf to sit up and imitate the look of real grass.This synthetic turf is a so natural looking product that some customers say “it looks like it almost needs a mow “.Our High Density range is the deal for Around the pool  your Front & backyards your  Courtyards , Roof top gardens ,  Side of the house even under the childrens  playgrounds.

Ultra High Density:

The Ultra High Density provides a density and thickness of fibre that is unique to the Australian market.
At 25,000 tuft/ sqm it’s thickness and luxurious feeling provides the perfect looking lawn. With full latex backing it puts this turf above and beyond all others in the market. The royal 40 ultra increases the fibre density from 18900/sqm to a massive 25,000 compared to the high density turf. This difference is noticeable both by sight and touch.
If you are wanting the “perfect look” then this is the one for you. Being such high density the fibres stand at 90 degrees which unlike most others on the market it looks good facing any direction. The full latex backing and special woven fibres coupled with one of the highest tuft per sqm on the market 

NO SAND INFILL is required, which means it is perfect for pets, around pools and on sloping yards.
Ultra High density and your yard will look like it’s just been mowed by your green keeper everyday. It is fast becoming the most popular artificial turf.

Delux Low Profile

Delux is backed with a commercial full latex that is matched to the lower density fibre. This full SAND INFILL turf can only be used where sand infill is appropriate.
This artificial grass is a 14000 tuft /sqm It’s a blend of 2 brown and 2 green fibres which are woven perfectly together to match the typical Australian lawn.
This Turf is the preferred for customers with a smaller budget and little traffic project applications, Ideal for council traffic islands, medium strips and on top of retaining walls and limited or no access areas.

Golden Edition

GOLD EDITION is by far the market leader when it comes to synthetic turf. The softest most luscious artificial grass on the Australian market.
It will transform your yard into a more useable and elegant luscious space. This fibre turf is the market leader in every sense of the word with 27,000 tuft per sqm with a double backing Quad filament 4.2 kgs /sqm. The filament of olive green and beige under fibres gives it a look of real grass but with the softness that feels like your floating on a cloud.
This is the mink coat of fibres to protect children’s feet, hands and knees while still giving the look of real grass.

Things to remember:

Synthetic Turf is not unlike any other product and there is cheap products that use lower quality materials or use less material (lower pile height, density, backing)
Always choose synthetic grasses that are made of the highest quality possible for durablity and long lasting life thats why we are the leaders with our turf products and instalation
Synthetic grass is manufactured all over the world including Holland and China and use inferier materials for quick production and turn around.

Australian made grasses are the best quality, safest and longest lasting grasses on the market and they come with a warranty backed by a manufacturers based here in Australia. Australian manufacturers therefore have a big incentive to ensure their products are built to last and we stand by there product 100%.