Transforming your surfaces into a master piece

Before you go ahead and start your paving , we need to do correct planning first. The guy has various products that are suitable for a variety of projects. Choosing the right paver for your project is an essential part of your paving. While some pavers may work in specific applications and areas knowing the right pavers for your project will make it last.

Choosing The Right Product

When choosing the right paver for your paving project, you need to take some factors into consideration. We will discuss them with you to help select the right paver for your job Application and Location When it comes to choosing your paver, you need to consider how much traffic you will subject to your pavers. Is your project for pathways or driveway? Note that there’s a required thickness for pavers suitable for driveways. Because they’ll receive more pressure and weight, you will have to use a particular kind of paver.


Considering the location of your project is also crucial. Pavers around the pool need to have slip and salt resistance. These will help provide safety around your pool and prevent it from deteriorating early.

Area’s Size and Shape

You need to Consider the size and shape of the area you want to pave this factor will come in handy. When paving a pathway you will need to consider the paver that is right for your surrounds and traffic , using large format pavers is always a great option , It will cover larger areas making the installation time shorter. Also it creates an optical illusion making the pathway appear bigger

Paving Patterns

When it comes to paving patterns, there are many to choose from. But, it’s important to remember that there are some factors you’ll need to consider when it comes to choosing your paving pattern. Some patterns will require you to cut pavers. Square, Euro Classic Athens, and Sandstone Pattern are perfect for projects. They require minimal cutting, we are particular when it comes to laying pavers we like to use a certain distance between them this is to reduce the ware and tear and any risk of them being chipped and damaged later on down the track.

Selecting Colours and Texture

When selecting your pavers the colour and texture also come into play. The location and purpose of your project plays a vital part when deciding on the surface of your paver. The colour comes into consideration when you’re choosing a paver for your courtyard or a patio. These will set the scene for your entire entertaining area and compliment your space by matching oppropriate colours. The right texture is also an important part and needs to be considered , since patio pavers and pool pavers will certain texture according to there surrounds of area Our workers Endevour to use the best products when it comes to this and they dont cut corners this is why we have a leading way in service and workmanship

Concrete Pattern Paving Always An Option

Stencil concrete driveways adds a stylish and unique artwork touch to your home. As a home owner, you should be aware of concrete stencilling services and the effects that can be acquired through this process. Our expert Concrete Driveway contractors and concreters have upto 25 years’ industry experience working with reputable builders. Our guys have have been installing different types of driveways in and around homes gardens pathways , factories , large building and small building complexes aswell as as estates, residential and commercial. We focus on quality work and quality materials in our driveways, we’re honest, upfront about the work required and transparent in our pricing. We take great pride in our concrete driveways, concrete slabs and love to get our hands dirty when it comes to laying a stencil with the choice of your pattern over the top to resemble a perfectly laid pavers of sorts there is a huge variety of shapes and colors to choose from and our team are only to happy help guide you through this process we even polish your concrete but always remembering polished concrete is best suited to certain areas of establishments We are practical , efficient, honest and up-front with all our works giving you piece of mind experts are on the job. Quality workmanship and competitive pricing is our focus, and customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to make your concrete driveway dream a reality.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is a popular, low maintenance system designed to add texture to freshly laid concrete, creating a bespoke finish for every project. There are a variety of patterns to choose such as small and large rock patterns, wood textures and shells shells . this type of concrete is Ideal for commercial and residential projects, the patterns are often used on public footpaths, pool surrounds and recreational areas. The finish is achieved by using a special textured stamping mat that imprints a design into the wet concrete. Once dry, it is best to seal the concrete for low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Things to consider with slip resistance

There are many combinations and decisions to be made when choosing decorative concrete and finishes especially when choosing the slip resistance that is suitable for your project. You may find your choice of texture, pattern and sealer will be influenced by the kind of traffic it will be subjected to and whether there is a need to ensure slip resistance.

We consider safety an important part of our service and conduct trials of the decorative systems to ensure you are being looked after and you do not choose an incorrect product for your needs. especially when it comes to Each coating may (if any) impact on surface texture and slip resistance. Typical slip resistance ratings of exposed aggregate, honed and polished concrete, broom and coving finishes, patterned/stamped and stencil finishes for new concrete and solutions for existing concrete surfaces vary from job to job thats why our team is here to help you make the correct choice for your project Surface textures and coating combinations for slope driveways, pool surrounds and areas where food spills are likely are also an impostant consideration to be made especially when it come to safety And of course choosing the right sealers is always handy especially when it comes to keeping things clean