Our landscaping company offers a diverse range of high quality landscapes and services including structural landscape designs, horticulture garden designs, irrigation and drainage as this plays an important role in maintaing your garden life and with our innovation and high quality workmanship we will give something that you can be proud of . In general we take a collaborative approach to designing landscapes, working closely with clients to understand their needs, ensuring what we create is both functional and sustainable for the long term.

We take a lot of pride in constructing custom hard scapes, bringing all your visions to to life. Our services offers quality landscaping at a fair price , we are only to happy to listen to your want and needs and give general advice of what may or may not work within your project after all it is you the customer that knows what you want to achieve your goals , and we are only to happy to provide you with it the best we can.

When it comes to an irrigation system, every property is different. Large or small, level or steep, sandy loamy or clay, water flow and pressure, lawns and gardens or courtyards, vegetable fruit gardens, driveways and pathways… the things to consider are numerous.

We will work with our clients carefully to plan and design a system that is suited to the surrounds of your garden and budget. Our well designed irrigation systems ensures your gardens and lawn receives the right amount of water in the correct places. Our hard landscaping elements are the backbone and structure of most landscapes . Forming such an integral part of the fixed landscape means that it is generally the most expensive and require a finish that is of a higher standard to endure all ailments Hardscape elements can also define the use of a space, it can lead visitors through different zones of soft scaping. There are so many ways to use hardscape elements to enhance your property: concrete patios , brick patios, flagstone patios tile patios, stone walks, stone landscaping steps, metal fences wooden fences , wooden decks , arbors , gazebos , pergolas, stone fountains ceramic fountains pot fountains even waterfalls and ponds it is endless what we can do for you. whether its around your pool, house property, commercial property , industrial estates, real estates apartment blocks / complex ,hotel, motel we’ve got something that can meet your needs no matter how big or small the job we are all to happy to help you anyway we can.

We believe in working together with our clients, consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors to achieve the best results possible and to get the job done on budget, on time, every time. Having Our qualified staff working for you means the quality of our work is done right the first time. This will save you time and money over the life of your garden. Every team member of the guy is a qualified gardener or horticulturists with knowledge about sustainable land use strategies and industry principles leaving you with the piece of mind about your garden .


Our Hardscaping includes almost any type of decorative or practical structure you wish in your landscapes, from driveways to fences to benches and so on as there are so many, Hardscaping is a critical part of landscape design, providing definition and a sense of organization to the natural areas and features of your surrounds. Hardscape elements can also define the use of a space, such as with a driveway, or it can lead visitors through different zones of softscaping through out your garden , a gravel path that winds through a grassy area into a secluded garden for example. There are so many ways to use hardscape elements to enhance your property:


  • Stone retaining walls create planting areas or convert a slope to flat yard space.
  • Concrete patios are the classic low-maintenance and versatile patio option.
  • Brick patios offer a more upscale and natural look than concrete.
  • Flagstone patios are the  low-cost option for natural stone outdoor flooring.
  • Tile patios are a great way to dress up a concrete patio slab.
  • Stone walkways are ideal for garden paths.
  • Gravel paths have a “softer” alternative to brick, concrete, or solid stone.
  • Stone landscape steps have heavy stone slabs that make beautiful outdoor steps.
  • Metal fences include coated steel, which is the modern standard, but iron is still an option.
  • Wooden fences use the most versatile fence (and hardscaping) material—wood.
  • Wooden decks are hardscaping too, just like patios.
  • Wooden arbors or gazebos enhance a landscape while providing shade.
  • Pergolas are arbor-like structures attached to the house or other building.

Even water features used in your yard count as hardscape. These structures assume a variety of forms, both with and without fountains:

  • Stone fountains
  • Ceramic fountains
  • Clay pot fountains

small water features containing a pool look fantastic, the pool portion is often made with a preformed rigid plastic liner. With larger features, a nice alternative is a flexible rubber liner that allows you to make pools or ponds of almost any size or shape.

Growing plants in and around a water feature is a great way to integrate hardscape and softscape within the same design. Even flowing garden beds , paved courtyards right up to high-end terracing and open entertaining areas are great for water features . The result is a landscape and hardscape that will leave a beautifully lasting impression. So whether it involves working in tight spaces or undertaking a water front landscaping project ,government buildings, real estate estates, body corporate, comercial or private our team is prepared for the task. We are able to plan any excavations which may be necessary for drainage, plumbing, pool construction or simply levelling ground and select exactly the right equipment and materials for the job. This means you can accurately anticipate your budget costs, making your backyard renovation a stress free investment.