The Guy Lawn Mowing and Gardening Services

The Guy lawn mowing and gardening service is second to nun with a great range of services, including contract services, your garden maintenance can be a challenge Whether you need help with weeding around the home, or a full-service maintenance we have a package for you from mowing, edging , hedging, weeding ,pruning, trimming , poisoning, fertilising rubbish removal you name it we do it in your garden with up to 30 years experience and training of new recruits, our workers have got you covered with our attention to detail and expertise your in safe hands.

We tailor packages for busy home owners, elderly residents,real estate agents, property developers , body corporates, commercial & industrial properties , strata garden maintenance, schools, sporting facilities, cafes, restaurants and more, Just about everyone and anyone needing an extra pair of hands to keep on top of it all. We offer all aspects of gardening maintenance, weather it be a one-off garden clean up, or regular lawn mowing, pruning, edging, fertilising and mulching we even offer more detailed garden projects, irrigation and watering ideas, landscaping and garden design, and hard landscaping , Our fully trained staff can advise you of all aspects of garden care, plant choices,cutting, pruning, mulching & fertilization and how to promote extra strong root systems and growth, appropriate times of when you should or should not be watering your gardens also recommendations of differant fertilizers for differant plant lifes and irrigational systems to suit your gardens surrounds.

It is important not to over fertilize and water your trees, gardens and care should be taken when mulching to make sure your using the correct mulch in the right spot according to the soil and its surrounds as having the correct mulch in the right area creates just the right amount of micro organisims the key ingredient to promoting the healthiest of gardens and generating deep root growth into your now rich soil remembering you must cater your watering and fertilising to your seasons so as not to deteriorate or burn your gardens as the last thing you want to do is kill the ph levels and create acdicty in your soils for this will destroy the organisims. Our trained staff are fully aware of all that is needed to be able to assist you in maintaining all of this at a level so that you can gain maximum potential out of your gardens and its growth. When it comes to your garden we are the ones whom will guide you on your succesfull journey enabling you to relish in the rewards you will gain from it through the correct guidance and handling for all its needs and want to maintain a healthy bloom all year round.